Tribal one

March 11
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I have undone almost as much work as I have done today – I was poking a lot of different ideas and very few of them panned out.

This is one of three figures I am working on simultaneously. It isn't done yet, but all the things I tried on it after this point I took off again, some with much cursing. I think I know where to take it next. Until I hate it and have to cut it out again!

I made a lot of felted background as part of the mad experimentation. The trouble with the felted background is that it is only a beginning, interesting to me maybe but less so for you, gentle reader. I would rather show you actual things than beginnings. That was the giant advantage of the four inch square for January and February; it was an actual, single, object, done every day (give or take a little). For March, I have want to use the felter every day, but there is no real reason to subject you all to the results, unless they are pretty spectacular.

So I am working on using the stuff from the felting experiments in projects, and I will (happily) show you those projects. With luck and perseverance, they will show up here on a regular basis.