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And the end result.

I was surprised at how much work remained after the last square was finished – there was some engineering involved to get the pieces to come together and stay together, some additional stitching to smooth some of the lines across the junctions, and all those manes and tails.

I didn’t like working on one piece at a time because I wanted the piece to fit together better than it did.

I could have used more different fabrics across the entire piece. This makes it quite unified, but then I wonder why I bothered to cut it into smaller pieces to begin with.

I like the patterned fabric for the horses – especially the red horse. (Yeah, the stripes on the blue horse are kind of distracting, I’d do him more swirly next time. Or I can just paste swirly fabric over the top and restitch it.)

I like the stitching as a sketching line as well as a fixing/finishing line.

I like the way the manes and tails came out. I had this colored hemp from a different project and the colors fit perfectly!

Were I to do something like this again, I would use someone else’s artwork, make less than 16 pieces, and expand my repertoire of techniques.

Now, what was March going to be again?