I’m not sure you can see how hugely I am smiling in any of these. It was a very good day. Many lovely people came to see Ursa Minor take to the sea pond. After having her bow splashed with ginger beer, she was floated off her trailer by a crowd. She floated like a feather on the pond. I rowed many people out and about, and brought them back. Other people also rowed out and about and back.

She is a lovely little vessel – easy to move about on the water, comfortable in her motion, and (crucial for a land locked boat) easy to trailer as well. And I built her. While I can certainly see all the places my concentration or determination wavered during construction, I am still deeply pleased with myself for getting this far. I am anticipating rowing adventures now.

6 thoughts on “Culmination

  1. Ursa Minor is sooo pretty! And you are a badass boat builder. I am proud to know you.

    Your white bear image is achingly beautiful. It gives me such a strong, deep feeling. Which part of the boat shows the bear image?


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