rowing, and tarot

After a hugely successful and very emotional launch, I took two days to regroup, and have started a new long term project.

The long term project is illustrated above – I’m working on a set of tarot cards. I like the way looking at the cards encourages me to think in more creative ways about what I am doing. I also love that the iconography is so flexible and so powerful that it can translate into so many different decks, and accommodate so many different artists’ interpretations.

And a new short term (or until the weather is too cold) project.

I am taking my (beautiful, fast) boat out by myself. Part of the reason I built the boat was so I could go rowing on the river without scrounging up seven friends and a coxswain. On Monday this week I took the boat back to the D.A.R. State Forest to see how hard launching and retrieving by myself was going to be. And it wasn’t bad. Admittedly I cannot yet back up the trailer, but on the positive side, it is light enough to use as a dolly to get the boat closer to the water. I got on and off the pond in pretty good order, and decided I could try the river next. Which I did this afternoon.

That is Mt Holyoke behind me, and a persistent tree with a lot of riverbank washed out from under it.

So when the weather is nice, I will row. And when the weather is less nice, I will be in my studio.

4 thoughts on “rowing, and tarot

  1. Didn’t know your little textiles were tarot cards …. interesting !

    Ahhhh so good you can go out rowing all by yourself, Lee !
    (well you BUILT the boat yourself !!! 😉 …!)
    Oh my, that tree will succumb to the river when more earth is washed out …


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