name: Ursa Minor
launch date: September 17, 2017, D.A.R. State Park, Goshen, MA
who is invited: Everyone!!!
capabilities: two stations for rowing, sailing gear still in process

hours to date: 127
hours remaining: 40?
bugs attached to resin and varnish: 43
random attached to resin: 1 fern, 1 feather, 2 pieces of origami, two fabric polar bears and a pair of gold leafed stars
tools located in shop (not purchased after all): 20 clamps, random orbital sander
new tools required: shopvac, tiny plane, 20 additional clamps, router+2 round-over bits

people who’ve helped: Alice, Molly, Al
people with very useful advice: Matt and Orin
people who’ve kibbitzed: JT, Al, Aerin, Jared, postal delivery individuals, UPS truck people (2 of them), lawn mowing guy, guy who owns the lawn mowing service, across the hedge neighbor, across the street neighbor, two straggly lines of local pre-schoolers who walked over, my brother

most drawn out process so far: building the rudder assembly (more parts than the hull!!)
most un-nerving moment so far: cutting a hole in the bottom of a perfectly good boat
far easier than expected: using a router, building the trailer
poetry committed: 1

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