ALL the pips!!

I have finished all of them! I am mighty! Also my fingers hurt from arguing with sewing with wire.

With the pips done, and five of twenty-two major arcana done, I am past the half-way mark. I was mistaken about how repetitious the pips would be, so I did them early on while I was enthused about the whole project. Now I get to do “face” cards for the minor arcana, and the rest of the major arcana. Good times!

they’re called pips


Above you can see II – X of Feathers and Shells. The number cards of each suit are called the pips. I have three quarters of them done, as of this moment. The last suit is Stones. I figured out how to attach actual beach stones to the cards, and I am deeply pleased with myself. Except, after decades of collecting pocket stones, I can’t find all the places I have hidden them on myself. It is a family trait – one of my treasured objects from my grandmother’s collection of things is an owl shaped box with a handful of stones in it collected from her various trips around the world with the Audubon Society. My mother has several handfuls of tiny wonderfully smooth stones. I have several collections, hidden in various spots, and both children have copped to similar collections of their own. Once I find even one handful, I should be all set.

tarot and tarot and tarot

II to X of bones

Bones (wands) from II to X – I wanted the backgrounds to feel related, and I got a box of bone beads that really spoke to me. For me the bones represent the hot center of the structure that holds us up. I am thinking of warm blooded mammal bones here, even though there are many kinds of vertebrates.

The bone beads are stitched down, but the extra pieces to finish each card, the dark circles and some beads, still need attaching.