September circles, and a couple of chickens

September circles, and a couple of chickens


For some very loose meanings for harvest, the circles really do mostly reflect the season. The harvest moon was staring in my window last night before the clouds covered it up, and wine is made from the grape harvest, so on the whole, a pretty good job adhering to a theme. I enjoyed using my collected slightly muddy greens as backgrounds, and I am feeling quite smug about the walls I implied using vertical strips.

nothing but cake

I turn 52 today (thank you Mum!)

I have been around the sun 52 times.

There are 52 cards in a deck of cards, and I have one year for each.

There are 52 weeks in a year, so I've lived 52 squared weeks

I have two years for each letter of the alphabet.

I just like thinking about these things!


chicken and broccoli

barred rock stare


sept 24

Which is of course a joke my mother will recognize – at any Chinese restaurant the only things my kids would eat was chicken with broccoli.

It did not look like this. Alice suggested a line of stitching to set of the chicken from her background, and I love the way it looks now.

The broccoli all standing on the trays at the supermarket made me think of a forest, and contemplate for a moment what it would be like to be that small.

I am still working on the next chicken, a gold laced Wyandotte.


sept 23


It took me a while to get to like potatoes, but I have always liked their names. My grandmother had a corgi she named Russet because she was a potato shaped little dog. I like Yukon Gold and Fingerlings and Peruvian Purples too.

I have one chicken almost done. I have to remember not to put chickens on red backgrounds. Their combs just fade into the background, and then I have to improvise….

acorn squash

sept 21


I got some awesome news yesterday! All four of the seasons pieces in Grow Gallery in Shelburne Falls sold. All to the same couple! I am stuck in exclamation points!!

I am also working hard on finishing more work for the gallery, because she needs more things. So I have three chickens in various stages of finished, and one small landscape and plans for two more.

I'm still working on the circles, I just had a momentary panic there –

onions and wild weather

sept 18


We are having some hair raising weather at the moment. The wind is howling around the house and making the trees sound like the ocean. It feels like this should be a hurricane or the remnants of one, but I think it is just a very strong cold front rolling through, pushing a lot of warm wet air in front of it.

I saw the onions today in the Big Y, which is a supermarket, and different from the Y which is the YMCA. I like the purple ones best, although I don't think I can taste the difference.


sept 17


Continuing on with squash, have a butternut squash. I was looking at the long line of them at the farmer's market the other day, thinking it was too hot yet to turn on the oven to bake them, and then last night… brrr! I do love this time of year.

I have no radish puns

sept 14


sept 15


sept 16

Three circles today for your delectation.

Friday I tried corn on the cob again and I think I like it the best so far. I hadn't realized I'd done it once before early in the month, but Sept 14 is my favorite of the bunch.

The radishes are for September 15. I am especially pleased with their little raggedy leaves. all my experiences with radishes have to do with growing them, and being willing to eat them because I managed to grow something. I don't care for them much, unless they are produce I've produced.

Today's circle, in honor of the near frost last night, is pumpkins. I adore pumpkins. I like the shape, and color, and the curve of them and the fact that they can get so big, and that they make tasty pies.There are no bad things about pumpkins.