chicken and broccoli

barred rock stare


sept 24

Which is of course a joke my mother will recognize – at any Chinese restaurant the only things my kids would eat was chicken with broccoli.

It did not look like this. Alice suggested a line of stitching to set of the chicken from her background, and I love the way it looks now.

The broccoli all standing on the trays at the supermarket made me think of a forest, and contemplate for a moment what it would be like to be that small.

I am still working on the next chicken, a gold laced Wyandotte.

2 thoughts on “chicken and broccoli

  1. wonderful, grumpy, ferocious chicken. Well done Cynth! And a beautiful broccoli forest. I am in awe of your talent and determination.


  2. Hi, Lee, I’m just wondering if that chicken is for sale. It kinda looks like my friend Clair’s “Peckatina” and I would love to buy it for her. I read your blog faithfully, and often think about commenting, but….ya know….WOW, it blew my mind that Aerin is off to the university! Just…WOW. How is she doing?


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