can’t beet that

sept 11


I think I was trying too hard yesterday – I exercised my dad at the Y, and then went over to Pelham and rode two horses! Not just Kaboose, the fierce red mare, but also little funny rubbery Ruby who was gone for summer camp but is home now. All I could do at the end of the day was sit still and go to be d early.

Today I was much calmer. I did cut out the base layer for Janny's pieces, but they are just big white rectangles, so nothing of interest yet. Alice and I stopped at the Tuesday Farmer's Market in town for the Pie contest. It was delicious! And I hugged the mayor (our kids were friends before, it isn't something I'll do to just any mayor), and then after the pie, Alice and I had pizza for supper and came along home.

The market was full of inspiration for circles for this month; apples, radishes, huge jars of honey and multicolored ears of corn. Six different colors of potato, next to three different colors of peppers and carrots in the usual orange as well as yellow, green and deep red. It is intoxicating to look.