I have no radish puns

sept 14

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sept 15

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sept 16

Three circles today for your delectation.

Friday I tried corn on the cob again and I think I like it the best so far. I hadn't realized I'd done it once before early in the month, but Sept 14 is my favorite of the bunch.

The radishes are for September 15. I am especially pleased with their little raggedy leaves. all my experiences with radishes have to do with growing them, and being willing to eat them because I managed to grow something. I don't care for them much, unless they are produce I've produced.

Today's circle, in honor of the near frost last night, is pumpkins. I adore pumpkins. I like the shape, and color, and the curve of them and the fact that they can get so big, and that they make tasty pies.There are no bad things about pumpkins.

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