an apple for school

sept 4


I bought two apples at the farm stand, one to eat and one to photograph. Because I was starving, and I couldn't wait to get home, and take a picture and then eat it.

It is a Macintosh – the first of the season. Hard, crisp, brightly flavored, streaked with a fine green. A lovely thing.

alice first day of school 2012

alice first day of school 2012


I keep stubbing my toe on Aerin's absence, when I need to be paying better attention to Alice's continued presence. So. Alice started High School today, only a little twitchy, and actually remarkably cheerful considering the hour of the morning.

She has Latin, Bio, Writing, and Crazy Woman English with Homeric Epithets.

Next semester she's signed up for Geometry, Chem, World History, and some fluffy stuff on alternating days.

Nothing but good times ahead!