dogwood, rain

april 22

I did say when it rained, you'd know. After all kinds of forecasts for rain yesterday, and not getting any, I must admit I was dubious. Until I looked at the weather radar and saw large green splotches of rain headed twoards us. So. After more than three dry weeks, it is pelting rain and cold, and all the plants look relieved.

Getting depth of field in fabric is tricky. I wanted to fade the rain streaks a little, and some of the branches, so I put a layer of organza over part of the image and stitched into it again. I think I could repeat that process and get greater depth. If it rains tomorrow, I will try that.

I was inspired by Red Kate's pictures of my backyard dogwood.

Dogwood II

This tree is one of my favorite things I planted. Aerin remembers jumping over it when it was just a stick in the ground. Now it towers over us all, and the bunnies cannot nibble it in winter, and it gives a sweet shade in summer.

beach and tree

 april 20

Yesterday's beach. Alice and I had the best time. We made footprints in varying hardnesses of sand, and tried to see if we could tell if we were walking backwards or forwards. We looked at longshore motion of sand, and did civil engineering on the tide running down the beach. We did a small faunal survey. We talked about the origin of the sand; up-stream or up-ice, or up-glacier from where we weere standing.

Today we visited Jenny, because she has commissioned a set of works for her bedroom. Alice and Jenny and I spent a happy half hour taping various sized and shaped pieces of newspaper to the wall to decide on the final dimensions. We eventually settled on the perfect configuration, which looked nothing like what we'd started with. Which is good – not letting pre-conceived notions interfere.

Today on the way home, I saw several of the trees, blooming with the most absurd pinky purple color. This one had a pile of dandelions around the base.

april 21

three different colors of dogwood

april 17

There I was driving along and I saw three dogwood trees in a row, three different colors. One deep maroon, one lovely pink, and one white with just tiny touches of pink in the centers. So I made that.

The wind shifted last night, and was cooler today, but still terribly dry. All the small creeks I cross out riding are down to stones and a dribble of water, and the marshes are parched. It isn't supposed to be this dry at this time of year; the ground would (usually) still be thawing, and things would be muddy and sticky and the river would be high.

just for my mum

april 16

I am ashamed to say that in the flurry of mailing and giving away I managed to give away several circles my mother was hankering for. So I made this one for her specially, and I will mail it tomorrow. I swear!

We've been having absurdly dry, hot weather. The forecast I heard for today said "surprisingly sunny". Well, actually it didn't – it said "mostly sunny" and I must have laid my own surprise over the top of that. Once it rains, or fogs, or anything, you'll see it in the circles. Had you noticed they've all had blue skies so far? Except yesterday, which was cloudy but no rain.

a day of very nice things

april 15

Today I went with my friend Joyce (from the casting class) to Shelburne Falls where we walked through a small number of amzing stores and galleries. There were more, but we ran out of time. joyce knew people everywhere, and we talked with everyone about art and the things they had in their stores, and New England. It was lovely.

I brought my circles, because (as you know) I have to give them away. It is a karma thing. I was describing to Al people's expressions when I offered them small stitched art; first disbelief, then increasing pleasure in the looking, and an almost audible "ding" when they saw one they liked. He said that sounded like how I got paid for them, which sounds about right.

And then once I was home I checked my mail and I've been accepted to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts for a two week session with Marian Bijlenga working with fabric in circles and exploring the Maine coast environment. It feels like an amazing opportunity to push the circle-a-day circles further and maybe in new directions.

Which makes today a very, very nice day.