IX equals nine

I cheerfully admit I thought of ten (X) first, and realized both nine and eleven would nice book-ends for it. 

Today was a two horse day. I have the care and riding of sweet gray Nuada while his owner is in New Zealand. This is the norse that spends summers on Martha's Vineyard, and winters with us. I have offered to come ride him in the summe too, but they'd have to put me up in a guest-house somewhere. He is great fun, because I have more flexibility than his usual rider and he can go differently without bumping me out of the saddle. 

Kaboose was experimenting with attitude, and I had none of it. So we went forward and got in some extra cantering time to adjust and channel some of the attitude. And had a ncie ride after all. 

And then I walked up Mt Sugarloaf to see what the un-snowed Valley looked like. It was lovely.

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