The kids are back to school tomorrow, and I get to return to guilt-free morning riding. Not that I feel dreadfully guilty when I come home and no one has moved out of the house yet! 

Following Roz's admirable actions, I spent yesterday doing things that bring me pleasure and satisfaction, making sure I hit most of the truly important things. I rode the red mare, and made this circle. I called my mother, and my dad. I knitted a little on a sock.  I read a little of Dorothy Sayers'  Busman's Honeymoon. I hugged the girls and kissed Al. And I wrote to this blog. So things are off to a good start. 

2 thoughts on “two

  1. Hi Lee, I’m a bit worried when I see such a lovely circle with one star on the first of January, one with two on the second ….. where will this end ….
    😉 Love them !


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