intentions for 2012

I find I am missing the creativity and discipline of making something every day. The last time I did was in 2007 (the birth of this blog in fact, which makes this a five year anniversary of sorts) and it is high time to do it again. The biggest issue in committing to something like this is to decide what I can make more than 300 of. I mean, I still have postcards from 2007 languishing around the house. But the knowledge and skills I gained are worth a lot, and I think it is high time to do it again. 

So: a circle a day, for 2012.

The rules:

  • Circles will fit into the Trader Joe's tins (about 3" in diameter) and be attached to ribbons for each month.
  • Each circle must have a front, back and finished edge. 
  • Each month will have a color, and a second constraint to be determined. 
  • When the family goes on vacation, so do I.

Month colors, and second theme if I know:

  • January – red & thread
  • February – PINK
  • March – black and gray
  • April – yellow
  • May – green
  • June – orange
  • July – anything & ocean
  • August – blue & feather
  • September – brown & leaf
  • October – purple & scary
  • November – metallics 
  • December - white & old

Other goals for 2012? Call my mother more, ride more horses, tell people more often how fond of them I am. Those should all contribute to the general happiness quotient. 

Out with 2011, in with 2012! let's see what we can make of it!


5 thoughts on “intentions for 2012

  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan, Lee! I’m focusing on that happiness quotient, too. Your chicken art made me happy, because I gave them to our new friend, Clair, who loves her own chickens and chicken art, too. We save our scraps for them, which also makes me happy…the SUN makes me happiest! Happy new year!


  2. I can’t wait to see how the circles develop. More importantly, I can’t wait to see where the circles take you after the year is over!


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