twenty and fifty

April 15 20
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This is what 20 of them look like all together, and this: 

April 15 50
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is what 50 of them look like all jumbled up. The next part of the plan is to construct a nice solid frame/whatever to hold them in a beautiful way.

Photographing silk is hard – it is all shiny and reflective, and very lovely and very ambiguous for the camera.

two not fifty

April 14
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I made a little proof of concept piece to see if the strings would work, and the silk rings would fit around the little white shells, and how the beads work with the punched out holes and the other bits… I like the way it is working, but honestly the construction to make the frame for it was pretty intense.

The plan is fifty shells, ten each on 5 strings, and suspended in a frame of some kind. I am thinking the frame might have to be wood instead of interfacing, because I don’t think the interfacing will hold up the weight of many many more shells. I still have to finish all the silk rings. Only about 20 left to go, out of a hundred total. Yikes! I realize too that part of the trouble with these ideas of collections is that they take longer to put together than the smaller pieces. This one isn’t much of a collection, but it does help me think about the larger piece in a much better way.

April 13

April 13
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I fell hard for these little shells mostly because of the variations in the size of the pink line and the zebra stripes. I should take some better close-ups in daylight, and post them tomorrow. Time permitting.

towards other adventures

I have no fabric for today, it was filled, pretty happily, with other things. Instead I have a story.

I went to ride the Canadian horses I ride for Bob and Leonor, two towns over. They are up in the hills to the east of Amherst, with woods all around, and streams, high from the melt, coursing and trickling through the woods. It was a gorgeous day, and I convinced Bob to come with me. He took Penny, who is large and will be five this summer, and I rode Ruby who is much smaller, and will be four this summer. We started off up the road, and into the woods. We were trotting along, hopping over downed logs, when Ruby stopped abruptly. He eyes bugged out, and her nose was twitching, and her ears were semaphoring around and she was quivering all over. Penny kind of rammed into us from behind, and then she caught wind of what-ever-it-was too, and the pair of them stood rooted to the spot. Bob and I looked and finally saw what had their attention.

Two moose. One very large, about the size of Penny (whose back is up to my eyebrows) and dark and glossy and pretty clearly pregnant. The other was not much shorter, but looked unprepossessing. If it had been human, its shoes would have been untied, and shirt tails sticking out and sporting a severe case of bed-head. Bob and the horses and I watched them move out ahead of us, then cut across the trail and head up the hill, at a low headed, shambling trot. The horses remained rooted to the spot. They wouldn't move without strong encouragement for the next .25 mile, and after that Ruby kept scanning the underbrush for any further moose that might leap out at her, all the way home.

That was a pretty gratifying way to start the morning.

black and red diamonds

black and red diamonds
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two more tries – mosaic(k)ed with those from yesterday so as to get the full impact!

The first (far left) is the closest, but the diamonds are catty-wampus, and I need them sitting straight in proper rows and columns for what I have in mind. The 2nd left is an attempt to piece diamonds, with mixed results. Still crooked, and the corners don’t meet (which is just a precision issue) and they are too tall and thin (which is a measuring issue).

I gather this week is dedicated to making the diamonds I want come out JUST RIGHT (yes, I am shouting!)



April 5 A
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April 5 B
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Both of these are making me really grumpy, plus the first attempt that I just started over because I hated it so much.

I know that I like my fabric to Stay Put when I am stitching on it. I don't mind ripped edges or wavery bits or things requiring ironing, but they have to lie down and not move while I stitch them down. I though I should push this particular envelope a bit, and I tried to hand sew this diamond grid together and that one made me very uncomfortable so I stopped. Then I tried to pin it together for some free machine sewing (5B) and that got monstrously puckery and made me cry and then I tried just straight stitching it together with feed dogs and forward stitching (5A) but it was falling apart so I stopped.

Tomorrow I will make the background that I wanted to make before I got the bright idea to push the envelope, and maybe later this week I will talk about haircuts.