April 18 B
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This is looking across the surface of the circled shells stitched to a backing fabric. After planning out the piece with the shells hanging free in an open frame, I thought they looked too much like bead curtains, so I started auditioning backing fabrics. I settled on a velvet with reddish purple nap in a green woven background – subtle and dark enough to show the shells and their surrounding circles off nicely. I like the red stitching a lot – it makes the nice little boinks of color in the cool and dark color scheme. You can see it more clearly in this one:

April 18
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I am practicing running, and I ran outside today, after being on the treadmill for the last month. I keep thinking I am doing it wrong because it hurts and I have so much trouble breathing. And yet, I get a little tiny bit better each time too.

And then I went over to Pelham to ride Penny, the big one. We went out just as the weather thought it might rain. It didn't realy, until we got back. I got lost, and we went for a longish way down a road I thought should be going the other direction, and Penny was Fabulous (although we didn't see any moose today) and I think I need a pocket GPS for thrashing about in the woods on horseback. It would be nice not to have to turn around if the loop I thought I was aiming for was just over the next hill (and it almost always is!).

And after that I made Tax Cake for Al for finishing the taxes. It is a rule at our house. Just because it is a thankless task doesn't mean you don't get thanked.

what was I saying?

Wordle: Untitled

This is what Wordle thinks I talk about. Or to be more precise, this is an artful arrangement of the stuff I've said over the last couple of days. I like that the horses Penny and Ruby show up in it, and the moose is over in the corner. I am surprised there isn't more about fabric, but maybe I don't talk so much about it as I think.