April 5 A
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April 5 B
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Both of these are making me really grumpy, plus the first attempt that I just started over because I hated it so much.

I know that I like my fabric to Stay Put when I am stitching on it. I don't mind ripped edges or wavery bits or things requiring ironing, but they have to lie down and not move while I stitch them down. I though I should push this particular envelope a bit, and I tried to hand sew this diamond grid together and that one made me very uncomfortable so I stopped. Then I tried to pin it together for some free machine sewing (5B) and that got monstrously puckery and made me cry and then I tried just straight stitching it together with feed dogs and forward stitching (5A) but it was falling apart so I stopped.

Tomorrow I will make the background that I wanted to make before I got the bright idea to push the envelope, and maybe later this week I will talk about haircuts.

2 thoughts on “grrrr

  1. Maybe you could adhesive spray.
    What I do right now is working on a base of filmoplast.
    In the US it will have another name, maybe it is this mistyfuse.
    Once you pull up the protecting plastic cover you can arrange your fabric pieces on it, it sticks and holds them. Then you can free maschine stich on them easily.
    What do you do with all your interesting pieces that you show right now and before the horse?


  2. What about wonder under? I you wonder under the whole iece of fabric and then cut the diamonds up and iron in place? Either that or put a ayer of dissovabe film over the top which you could dissolve at the end??? Hope it helps – good luck.


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