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April 1
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I want to feel rich. In money, I'm not, very. I mean, I can't afford a horse of my own, which is my current standard for extra money in my life. In other things I am.

In digging through my collection of beads found these diamonds I'd made from polymer clay (Fimo, Sculpey, odd mixtures) while thinking about the Queen of Diamonds. So I pulled them out and hooked them together using green wire. I am rich in red diamonds.

I am rich in other things too. You'll see them over the month. Mostly in sets of things. I'm thinking about making something over and over, getting good at it. Or to see the variations that come from building things with my hands.

And I know it is April first, but for fooling, I got nothing. Sorry. I love the theory, but I never get the actual implementation done very well. My favorite set of Fools has to be the crazy food from Family Fun Magazine. They have "spagetti and meatballs" that is frosting and red food color and lumps of cupcake, with coconut for grated cheese. There were other fun ones, like tiny foods, and backwards foods (so supper looked like dessert and dessert looked like supper), but none of it happened today.

Happy April one, regardless.

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