April 5 A
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April 5 B
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Both of these are making me really grumpy, plus the first attempt that I just started over because I hated it so much.

I know that I like my fabric to Stay Put when I am stitching on it. I don't mind ripped edges or wavery bits or things requiring ironing, but they have to lie down and not move while I stitch them down. I though I should push this particular envelope a bit, and I tried to hand sew this diamond grid together and that one made me very uncomfortable so I stopped. Then I tried to pin it together for some free machine sewing (5B) and that got monstrously puckery and made me cry and then I tried just straight stitching it together with feed dogs and forward stitching (5A) but it was falling apart so I stopped.

Tomorrow I will make the background that I wanted to make before I got the bright idea to push the envelope, and maybe later this week I will talk about haircuts.