inches left

April 20
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

In a successful lsock completion exercise, I finished these fabulous objects with about eight inches to spare. Those dangling strings are all that was left… I broke it in the center and kitchenered the toes (with a certain amount of wailing and knashing of teeth) and now they are on, and quite, quite lovely. No one will inspect my toes. I figure if I keep throwing myself at the kitchenering, eventually I will attain proficiency. The second sock was better than the first, but I seem to forget how to do it with astonishing speed in between finished socks. 

Technical notes: Socks that Rock yarn, unremembered colorway from 2007 Sock of the Month Club, pattern is Spring Forward at Knitty, on 2mm needles because when I use them I am happy and the socks come out fine.

In depressing news, I realized that running hurts, and the only way to get better at it seems to be to really push my body to ugly desperate places and then do it again. I can hardly bear to think about it. So I am thinking about my socks instead, and going to bed.

Nice news is that my mother is house sitting the house next door, so she gets a small vacation and to visit us and sleep in a Real Bed (which she doesn't get to do at our house – we are very bad with guests) and come over for dinner and retreat to read in bed and brush her teeth in peace. Plus her dog gets to come too, to keep the neighbor dog company. It is win-win-win all around. I am looking forward to having her here for a couple days (Hi Mom!).

One thought on “inches left

  1. What beautiful socks! I was just contemplating starting a new pair (and maybe finishing the several pairs in the knitting bag). I really like yours. I might try that pattern. šŸ™‚
    To avoid kitchener stich, which I also loathe, I recommend knitting from the toe up. It’s a lot more gratifying because you do the foot first and then it’s smooth sailing with the cuff.


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