fifty, finally finished

April 19
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

This is one of those that looks better in person! the little shells are white, some with subtle light brown stripes, and they are nicely matte against the shimmer of silk rings and depth of the velvet. I needed the orange velvet stripe to bump up the color a little – it was getting very dark-and-brooding without it. And then there are the red stitches. I am So Pleased with the red stitches!

These larger pieces take longer to finish, so I have this feeling that you (my faithful readers!) are sick of seeing something by the time all the bits are done and the finished object is ready to talk about.

Just for a change of pace, I went to see a live performance of Mahler's 3rd today in town. It was the Smith College Orchestra with the massed voices of all the college women in the Valley and two children's choirs. I went to see Abby sing, but it is one of the symphonies I actually kind of know and like. My parents played it a lot when I was paying attention, and it stuck. Everyone did a very creditable job of it, all things considered. I enjoyed myself immensely. The biggest drawback is that John M. Greene Hall has The Most Uncomfortable Seats on the planet, short of actual spikes in the seats. They are hard and small, however, as my father pointed out, at least you won't fall asleep in them.

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