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I realized recently that the last real haircut I had was during the Clinton administration.

In a fit of spring fever (64 fahrenheits, low 20s for the rest of the world) walking around town in my shirtsleeves, I checked myself into a Salon purely on account of the green on the walls. It was the same brilliant green I’ve been staring at all spring. The color of the beads on the past triptych. The lady was great. Although I think she liked my haircut better than I did. I remain dubious, although it is nice to have it short for spring.

True, this is only peripherally fiber related, except I have this huge hank of my hair I was staring at wondering if it felted. So I will address it with the machine tonight and report tomorrow. I suppose it must do something interesting or all those dredlocks wouldn’t work properly. Maybe I can put beads on it.

2 thoughts on “haircut

  1. I got my hair cut last fall for the first time in seven years. Though – with my arthritis – I saved myself about half an hour of painful struggling daily, I miss the long hair. I went to a walk-in but the result was disastrous as I have/had naturally curly hair that does what it wants to do and little else. Still haven’t figured out what to do next though – as I am also losing hair rapidly – shaving my head has come to mind!


  2. I can completely see shaving my head. It would be SO much easier. Plus I think I have a nicely shaped head, so it wouldn’t be like showing off bumps and bulges I’d rather keep hidden.


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