Quilt show mosaic

Quilt show mosaic
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Yesterday I biked to Amherst to join friends for lunch and the Hands Across the Valley Quilt Show. The lunch was fabulous, even though I was having one of those scrimmagy days where, although nothing goes horribly wrong, a series of small things are not quite right. I forgot a bike lock, couldn’t wedge the bike into a friend’s trunk, knocked the chain off the gears and wound up (finally) at lunch greasy and sweaty and disgruntled. Except everything was fine after that! Lunch was great and the quilt show was pretty spectacular.

However, I demonstrate for you here why I am not to be trusted with details. I took pictures of a bunch of things I loved, and completely failed to get the names of the people who made them or what they are called. So have some gorgeous things I saw, and I’m sorry I can’t tell you anything further. Except I just looked at the mosaic and the squares in squares are really the images that caught me! I didn’t even see that when I was drifting around taking pictures…

The piece I was finishing over the weekend is melting overnight. I used some meltable stabilizer, and it is insufficiently melted, and needs a good soak. Then it needs to dry. The whole process is taking far longer than I expected.

I am going to go be horizontal. I rode the red horse in the woods and got lost, and finally got home an hour later than I meant to. Then I rode the other two for good measure, and then I had to go clean my teacher’s barn. It was a little colder than I was wanting, but I was prepared, and just fine. Even getting lost in the woods wasn’t bad, just frustrating.

One thought on “Quilt show mosaic

  1. I love to look back through my bookmarks and favorites and see themes. That is where my inspiration mosaics come from — a sudden realization that, “Oh. Look. I have a bunch of quilts with circles.” or whatever. I’m so glad you put them together this way. Quite lovely.


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