Feb 4

Feb 4
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Apparently I can start making things on Tuesdays, but I can't finish them, and photograph them and post them. I was working on the previous piece last night, and I was so tired I could hardly sit up and then I broke a needle. I decided that was a message from the universe, so I left it alone til today.

I am encountering all kinds of internal objections. I am worried the colors of the larger areas won't fit together, and that the details won't match across edges. I wish I was more sure of what I wanted from the finished object, and I could relax a little. I know exactly how I'd go about making this image as a single large piece, and I am thinking I should maybe do that too. So I have one piece I am pleased with from the exercise. Then I think I should go back to using an existing image, and then I go around again… it is getting dizzying in here!


3 thoughts on “Feb 4

  1. Lee, I’m really loving these. I love the tiny stitching on Feb 2, and the colours and stitching on the more recent two. Can hardly wait to see the whole thing!


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