Feb 5

Feb 5
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I attended Alice's Science Fair this morning which was interesting. The kids did a great job getting interesting ideas across. Alice decked herself out in her lab coat (from Halloween) and a T-shirt that says "I shall do Science to it" and was ready to rock. It was hard to get the kids to hear and answer questions – they really wanted to spew their spiel and be done. I wanted to poke at the corners of their understanding, being the poking, intrusive, nosy individual that I am. Once they heard me, they did great.

I then went up to see the Canadian horses, and they were WILD! with the wind and the cold. I got Bob to ride bareback for the first time in his life, which he enjoyed, on his favorite enormous Penny, and I rode Kaboose and Ruby. Ruby is a lot like riding a couch – she is so plush and so warm…

Then I came home and did this square, and now we are driving to Brattleboro for Aerin's circus, and Family Circus, and then home and done. Amen.


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