Feb 3

Feb 3
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Well – you can tell what some of it is from this piece!

One commenter (Hi Cathie!) asked if you could see the whole picture, and the answer is not yet. Partly because I was planning on showing it at the end of the month, and partly because at the moment it is cut up into little squares and carefully segregated by whether I have accomplished them or not.

How about if I make Flickr mosaics every week or so, with the finished pieces in their proper place? Then you can see it grow as fast as I can. I can't be fairer than that.


One thought on “Feb 3

  1. Hi Lee, I’m sorry, I did not mean the whole picture (that would spoil the surprise!!) but the little piece that you see – from which you do each little section. The Flickr idea sounds great though and I will certainly follow that.
    I am going to try this myself, but am going to have Sabrina pick a picture (that I am not aware of what it is) and cut it up and number it for me. Thanks for this wonderful idea.


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