Feb 2

Feb 2
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

This may be one of 4 or 5 squares where nothing much is happening in the foreground. It seems like a hard way to start, but it made me think a little about what I want as a result of the month, so it must have had a purpose!

I realized I wanted more uniformity of effort across the page than I first thought. Probably because I am not interpreting someone else’s art, I still want the end result to be a coherent object. Had I chosen to interpret an existing work piecemeal like this, then letting the techniques rule the day would make a great deal of sense. You could treat it as an exploration of media and techniques so long as the colors were correct for each square, the end result would be a sampler, in a classic sense, and still show the sense of the original work. Since no one but me has seen the original work for this piece, I realized I needed to use more constraints to keep the end result cohesive rather than not.


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