little pieces

Feb 1
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I spent a chunk of yesterday getting this picture ready to work on for this month. That is, I drew it and colored it (because I realized there was much confusion once the pieces were apart) and labeled the back, and cut it up. For the next couple weeks, I pull a piece from the stack, and make it on my 4″ square pieces. At the end of the month, it all fits together in a mosaic, and looks fabulous.

That is the plan, at any rate.

I had forgotten that I like using paper sometimes. I pulled out my water soluble oil pastels for coloring, and they were verry creamy and lovely on the page.

Maybe I need to keep a sketchbook after all, except that I still feel it bleeds off creative pressure in ways I don’t want like. Rather than recording and feeding the ideas for where I want to go next, spending too much time with paper keeps me from getting to the fabric, and frequently makes me unhappy with the fabric results because I spent too much time envisioning what it was going to look like, instead of pushing the actual object along to see what it could turn into.

4 thoughts on “little pieces

  1. Interesting thoughts about sketchbooks/journals. That’s never been my experience, but I can see how the frustration could happen. I guess when I sketch and plan out things in the journal, I have an automatic disconnect from the actual project. I generally spent very little time designing, and leave more time to finish up the creative thought process once I’m off the page.
    (PS: I LOVE my water-soluble pastels. They are so creamy and satisfying to use! My art therapy clients tend to like them, too…)


  2. Oh my gosh – what a great idea for a project. I am going to try this on my next project. I can’t wait to follow your progress Crow! I linked to your site a while ago after discovering it from Fabric/Textiles Flickr group. Am so inspired by your “take” on things.
    Press on!


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