more weaving holes

Jan 29
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

A stack of fabrics with holes that line up, black strips woven through the holes, accentuated with bleach pen. This is before I rinsed off the bleach pen, and the dried pen marks make a nice lumpy emphasis on the presence of the holes.

I tried to do something yesterday, but between the snow storm and drops in my eyes from an eye exam the entire world was fuzzy and blurry, and I could see nothing. I wound up napping for a huge chunk of it, waiting to get my eyes back!

I definitely made up for it today, because look what else I finished the stitching on:

Reverse Maple Leaves –

reverse maples
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

the relicts from making Ten Maples Leaves, which needs stitching and I'll show it then.

2 thoughts on “more weaving holes

  1. I’m loving your color combos…could you add a bit about sizes please? I find myself wondering if I’m looking at something a few inches across or larger?


  2. Hi Lee, just popped over to visit from Judes blog…. I love your blog and all of the wonderful pieces you are working on.
    Especailly love the fabric weaving (have been playing with that myself lately) and the incorporation of the moons.
    I am interested to know what your bleach pen is. I havent heard of one before. I sometimes stamp with bleach, but would love to know more about these bleach pens.
    We have horses to so I know what you mean about mucking out those stables!!!!


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