colors, and cleverness

Jan 15
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I forgot I could use other colors. Now I remember… Blue and gold, always classic. I was inspired by jude's embroidered beads, little dot knots of bright color holding the corners of things down. Here I used them to emphasize the centers of circles. I like the way the threads tie the colors together.

As for cleverness, I found a file yesterday and applied it to my huge circle punches. Now they are shiny and sharp, and will cut lots of holes again, instead of making lovely, but useless, perfectly circular creases.

I am starting work on my background(s) for the Exquisite Corpse round robin – a kind of secret, dadaist, heavily embroidered and embellished round robin on 5 contiguous 7" squares. I thought I would start with a set of related backgrounds, and the next player can pick a background, add the next body part plus words, and attach it to the work to date. I signed up thinking I need to play more with others – it looks like fun. My group has two experienced players and three newbies. We have to make a figure; head on top, shoulders, torso, hips, legs, and add words (no less than one, no more than three) on each block. There are more rules than that, but unless you want to play you don't want to know.