dozen dots

Jan 14
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

An even dozen different ways to hold down a blue circle.

That was fun.

Kids bring home all kinds of stuff from school. Alice had several deeply mysterious songs including one where she stated she was proud to be a cow, and another about the stegasaurus (a funny looking dinosaurus). But I was very taken with a new one yesterday. Zeb, Serenity's son, was singing a song that went like this:

oh you push the damper in
and you pull the damper out
and the smoke goes up the chimney just the same
and the smoke goes up the chimney just the same
boom boom

And I realized there were not very many places in the US where your run of the mill kids in public school kindergarten would know what a damper was. It had to be Vermont or Alaska, or possibly Minnesota. This happened to be Vermont. Leave a comment if your local kindergartners would understand this song. Or if anyone has produced something incomprehensible…