Dec TIF done

Dec TIF done
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If November is all about Gratitude, then December is all about Generosity, which seems like a good flip side to me.

I was enchanted by these cookies, but taken aback at the amount of effort they required to produce something that was inherently ephemeral. So I thought to make them from fabric. I am obliged to the cookies' maker for giving permission to use her photo for inspiration. My plans for the end results are to give them to teachers from the past year; Circus teachers, riding instructors and yoga teachers, all have substantially improved my year and I should thank them.


I got in!!

I will be exhibiting my work in the Hosmer Gallery in Forbes Library in Northampton, MA sometime in the next 12 months. Scheduling is occurring even as we speak. I am Verrry pleased.

busy busy busy

I am taking some time off. Not from the day to day part of life, but from this blogging part of life (I know, how are you going to tell, I've been so lax about posting.)

Christmas is coming. The holidays mean a gigantic flurry of parties (yay), end of year shows and recitals (mostly yay), a tiny amount of shopping (modified rapture) and some tree and house decorating (potential for fun). I have no time to sit and talk. I can't think, I can't make, I am knitting socks and reading and driving children to things. I'll check back after Christmas with the TIF for December done. Until then, imagine me in my car moving children around, with my knitting ready to distract me until I bring them all home again.

Later, gators