Jan 23 fluffy

Jan 23 fluffy
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I was thinking over the layers of circles and stars I was working on, and just started stacking circles. I had to interpolate some of them with a compass, but it worked pretty well. It looked too smooth before I distressed it with a toothbrush and some sandpaper.

Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I saw this icicle at lunch. There is something funny and fabulous about icicles (and something deeply odd about the spelling – I have stared at that for a while, and tried several iterations before the spell checker liked it.) especially really big ones, or really baroque ones. This one isn't especially big or baroque, but I do like the way it encloses the lamp.

2 thoughts on “Jan 23 fluffy

  1. On the night time dog walk we went by icicles,long and many backlighted by a light on the yellow porch with a bicycle hanging up btwn light and icicles. Didn’t have the camera, next night it was dark. Maybe tomorrow night. Icicles and winter trees, they are so sculptural.


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