2009 intentions

My artistic intentions for 2009 are  to SHOW UP.

I have to trust things will happen, because they always do.
I have to do what is in front of me, because that is where the work is that needs to be done.

I will finish finish some big things – three sets of 10 Leaves, 2 Roadside Treasures (Weeds)

I am participating in Arlee Barr's Exquisite Corpse round robin which will be fun, and exciting, and involve me working well to deadlines. I like playing with others, and don't do it often enough.

I really have to reinstitute a daily art practice. Anything will do. I get weekends off, to try to make sense of the pieces, and maybe try to consolidate them into larger pieces.

I am liking 4" squares for the moment. In January, I will look at the sky, and translate what I see into fabric.

In February, I'll change the topic. Maybe the size/shape too.  

And lastly, I have been thinking about 3D objects – little things, maybe some big things (where big is inside a 1' cube, and little is under 3") supported by the thick interfacing I like.

For personal stuff, it seems to be the same things:

call your mother
talk to friends more
ride more horses
ride further on your bike
do some exercise every day

So that is my year, mapped out from here.

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