headed north

My brother is a year-rounder on Monhegan, 12 miles off the coast of Maine between Rockland and Damariscotta (you know, go down one of those thumbs to the very end, and catch a ferry).  Since the weather is dreadful much of the year, and I am a stone cold wimp, we only visit in the summer, when it is lovely except for water issues. We are headed out tomorrow for the long drive and ferry scrimmage. We’ll touch down for the end of the day around 4:00 pm, having left before 7:00 am tomorrow morning.

For all that I dread the trip, I look forward to the island part. I stop wearing a watch, and we make sure to catch the sunset at least once, and we let the kids stay up late, and we walk everywhere. The island is tiny, about one mile by two, and all the houses are on one side. The rest is hiking trails and coastline.

I’ll bring pictures.