June TIF done

June TIF done
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All strung out like that they are much more impressive – singly they are eloquent but small (5″square).

I was working from the idea of stories from one’s stash. Like many, that meant all stuff from the stash, unlike many these were all bits I had failed to put away off the end of the ironing board; a kind of stash within a stash if you like.

I liked the image the palette was taken from so I looked for fabrics that echoed sink colors. The pages were inspires by a series of encaustic pieces I found on the web. The woman used text to make striking images. I tried to echo the idea of text with the beads, and realized some of them did look like odd transcriptions. Some reminded me of the little scratch marks when little yellow Woodstock talks to Snoopy.

The pieces are all mounted as pages in a small square book.