brief update

I am busy sticking beads to the pages I made so far, there will be pictures once that project is done, but I may not make it by tomorrow.

In other news, Aerin and a friend of hers and I went to see Primate Fiasco (awesome name!!) which is best described as deranged, New England Dixieland with tuba. It was a great show, with guests, killer clarinet playing and a completely invisible tuba player. I was a huge tuba, and some dancing feet, but only saw the man’s face at the very end. We didn’t get home til after midnight, but since I have ceased to patrol bedtimes and rising times it didn’t really matter.

It has been hot, and sticky, with random thunderstorms. I am deeply grateful for our air conditioning.

issues with Flickr

I'm having trouble loading and seeing stuff on Flickr – I hadn't realized how much I relied on it for dealing with pictures.  I posted 3 more backgrounds, but I can't see them to tell you about them. Kind of distressing. So there  are three more backgrounds over on Flickr, they were inspired by images of iridescent structures on butterfly wings. It took some thinking to make the overlapping pieces come out right. I think 5 of them, the ones that look most related, will be pages in a book, rather than stitched together somehow. I have the cover started, I'll post an image of that too, soon.

In the rest of life, I took the girls, and some neighbors and the Toenail to the DAR pond again. There are no life guards at Swim Beach this year, so you can do anything.

June TIF background 3

June TIF background 3
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I was looking at other people’s work and found some amazing encaustics. All I know about encaustic is that is uses wax applied to paper, canvas or some other carrying substrate. The results are luminous is ways I can’t begin to describe. I like the idea of it, but really fiber is my medium. So I thought about how I might adapt the images I liked best from Daniella Woolf’s Nature Trouve online images. I tried to get the feeling of lightness and airiness. I can’t link directly to the images I want you to see – you’ll have to go there and look under Artwork.

These three are backgrounds, I am working on one more but it is making my brain hurt. They get beads and handwork next, and then come kind of connecting framework.


I found this on Elizabeth Bear's blog:



you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now,even if we
don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory ofyou and me. It
can be anything you want — good or bad. When you'refinished, post this
little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (ormortified) about what
people remember about you."