biking in Vermont

What I like about biking in Vermont is that all the roads are either uphill (no biggie, that’s why I have all these gears) or down hill (whoopieee) or running along next to a river.

Both girls have camp in Brattleboro VT for the next couple of weeks. Aerin is helping keep small children from falling off circus equipment, Alice is learning scenes from Shakespeare to be performed at the end of two weeks. I get to have a day in Brattleboro while I wait for them to be done. Yesterday and today I rode my bike. Yesterday was down the Connecticut River on the New Hampshire side and into Massachusetts, then across it and back north on the Vermont side. It was lovely coming back up the river with the wind pushing me along up the hills. Today I followed Rt 30 north along the West River. It was busier than I usually like to ride along, but the river was gorgeous. I got so hot I waded in, bike clothes and all, at my lunch stop. It was cooling as I continued back to town.

I am still working on the June TIF Challenge, I am almost done, and that should be my next post.