week 6 rhino and gold bars

week 6 rhino and gold
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

This was done yesterday but we had a keyboard disaster…

The girls were experimenting with non-Newtonian fluids, of which the easiest to construct is cornstarch and water. The fluids were corralled in zip-lock bags, which were only too temporary and there was a containment failure all over the keyboard. We let it dry out overnight, and it seems to be fine. If you search for non-Newtonian on youtoobe, you get these two (among others) that begin to demonstrate the fascination. I love the little shmooey fingers growing up from the first one – it looks like a tiny, tame, almost cute Blob. Oh – you should really watch this one too.

So this is last week’s postcard, drawing fully on the obsessions of the moment. I am hoping that the straight-up gnarliness of rhinos will begin to offset the sparkliness of the background and produce a nice mental contrast. The foil is a new experiment. I lack control but remain extremely amused.

The postcard for this week is almost done, I should be able to post it later.

3 thoughts on “week 6 rhino and gold bars

  1. More credit than due. It would be your great grandmother that would remember the Chestnuts. they died in the late 1800’s. Mary Lee’s house in Chestnut Hill was paneled in the Chestnut trees that were taken down because of ill health. Those that work with them think they may have succeeded in hybridizing a successful new strain and will plant a large area in the Appalachians this spring with seed. Hope so. read about it this week.


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