obsessions – orange, pink, rhinos

obsessions – orange, pink, rhinos
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Like I said – orange, pink, rhinoceri (Wikipedia says I have 4[!] choices for the plural; rhinoceros, rhinoceroses, rhinoceri, rhinoceroi or a bunch of them form a crash)

The pink mother and child is for Alice who requested her own. I have managed to make and wear two of the three of mine today. I have materials for a bunch more thoughts.

And in the further happiness division, there used to be Wooly Rhinoceri. There is a museum quality life size model of one here, for sale for the relatively reasonable price of $110,000.00 Go – it is a great image. Then come back.

I was thinking about this, and decided we could make it in tickets, with extra income from t-shirt and stuffed toy sales but Al says no.

orange, pink, rhinos

I’m having my usual spring fidgets. I am bored with the transfer paints and I wish I didn’t still have half of them still to use up. I am sick of leaves, and discreet colors. I am waking up earlier and earlier, probably part of the whole spring-is-here and the-sap-is-running thing going on (even though it is still dark when I wake up, and the ground is still frozen and really? the sap hasn’t started yet).

I find myself obsessed with pink and orange, and rhinoceroseses (rhinocerii?) to the extent that I have ordered this jacket from Landsend, in brilliant pink with orange trim. And then I was trolling through wallymart trying to find pink and orange shirts for exercising. I found some pink, and some orange, but nothing with both. So I bought some tank tops to layer over short sleeved shirts. The orange isn’t orange enough, but they’ll do for now. Until I can overdye  them. I think the colors are making people’s eyes hurt.


Did I mention the Rhinos? I’ve been working on transfer pen versions of Mr Durer’s rhino, and some others, so I can transfer them to the new shirts. Possibly to the new jacket as well. And rhinestones.  They have to sparkle. Leading me to contemplate new terms for them…. rhinstonoceros? rhinocerostone?

I can’t begin to tell you how amused I am with myself for thinking of sparkly pink and orange rhinos.