week 6 rhino and gold bars

week 6 rhino and gold
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

This was done yesterday but we had a keyboard disaster…

The girls were experimenting with non-Newtonian fluids, of which the easiest to construct is cornstarch and water. The fluids were corralled in zip-lock bags, which were only too temporary and there was a containment failure all over the keyboard. We let it dry out overnight, and it seems to be fine. If you search for non-Newtonian on youtoobe, you get these two (among others) that begin to demonstrate the fascination. I love the little shmooey fingers growing up from the first one – it looks like a tiny, tame, almost cute Blob. Oh – you should really watch this one too.

So this is last week’s postcard, drawing fully on the obsessions of the moment. I am hoping that the straight-up gnarliness of rhinos will begin to offset the sparkliness of the background and produce a nice mental contrast. The foil is a new experiment. I lack control but remain extremely amused.

The postcard for this week is almost done, I should be able to post it later.