Week 5 velvet leaf

Week 5 velvet leaf
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I found a pile of ripped strips of black white a gray cottons leftover from December’s postcards, and I realized I missed making them.  I don’t like polyester much, except for exercise clothes (I have a separate rant for that). The transfer paint is getting boring, but I swore I’d use it up. I have a lot to go to use it up….

But I realized I could still use old fabrics, and old techniques, as well as the current obsession focus. So I have one of my beloved patchy backgrounds, with a satin and velvet leaf heavily embroidered into it. Hah.

In other news, I am beat. I did the Y thing this morning, then went to the barn and cleaned stalls, carried water buckets and pushed around (enormous) loads of sawdust across treacherous ice. Then the kids had climbing class, and I belayed children to keep them from falling out of the sky. At the end, I got a chance to try climbing again. I addressed myself to a more difficult wall, and fell off once (What a RUSH – in a Really Bad Way) and beat a little higher. I didn’t make the top, but I did respectably. And then I made this postcard when I got home.

Told you I was good for it.

good night Gracie.