obsessions – orange, pink, rhinos

obsessions – orange, pink, rhinos
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Like I said – orange, pink, rhinoceri (Wikipedia says I have 4[!] choices for the plural; rhinoceros, rhinoceroses, rhinoceri, rhinoceroi or a bunch of them form a crash)

The pink mother and child is for Alice who requested her own. I have managed to make and wear two of the three of mine today. I have materials for a bunch more thoughts.

And in the further happiness division, there used to be Wooly Rhinoceri. There is a museum quality life size model of one here, for sale for the relatively reasonable price of $110,000.00 Go – it is a great image. Then come back.

I was thinking about this, and decided we could make it in tickets, with extra income from t-shirt and stuffed toy sales but Al says no.

4 thoughts on “obsessions – orange, pink, rhinos

  1. Neato-keeno!
    You know, I bet a woolly rhino would look *fabulous* in your livingroom. Alice and Aerin could lie on it and read. It would make a great ersatz Christmas tree. Very hand accoutrement for Halloween, too. Very good friend of yours could call you up to ask if they could come over and lie on your woolly rhino. *ahem*


  2. Woolly Mammoth next???
    A few years ago I was involved in an Earthwatch Balloon Debate at the Natural History Museum on behalf of reintroducing native species in the UK. The defense for the woolly mammoth was far more entertaining than my own of the Summer Lady’s Tresses Orchid. The image of the business potential of mammoth dung still sticks in my mind…..


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