Dream box?


A Friend requested one of these for a friend of his, and called it a dreambox – I think that is a perfectly acceptable thing to call them. Certainly more poetic than I am when I refer to them as “art inna box” or just tiny boxes. My partner is also delighted with them. He says they effuse story… again, vastly more poetic than I.

On Monday I visited Smith College to learn how to use the laser cutter at the Design Thinking Initiative. I had a couple of files filled with digital versions of ideas off the list I wrote down a couple months ago. To our combined delight, everything came out beautifully, from test cuttings out of card stock to things cut from various thicknesses of plywood. The honeycomb in the bee box above are the first things I tried. Below, you can see leaves of various sizes, tiny trees, and a doodle from Alice’s Mineralogy notes.



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