Nearly May

With the warmer weather I have been taking my dad for walks. Every time around the block is an exercise in landscape appreciation – he has never seen forsythia so yellow, a sky so blue, trees doing this extraordinary thing, not that he can remember. Since his memory is failing, he is not wrong, and since he remains kind and interested in the world, we get appreciation instead of recriminations. There is always something to be grateful for.

I have also been spending more time in my studio. I think I am cleaning up, clearing off tables and making space for new things, but I am also uncovering untold numbers of tiny treasures. Which, it turns out, are exactly what I need to put into these tiny boxes. The boxes are the size of an Artist Trading Card, 2.5×3.5″, which means I can use all the ATC I have used for paint practice and stitching practice as backgrounds, and then things seems to -filter- into them. Things that sort of belong together, or that argue with each other. A friend wanted to buy one for a friend of theirs in California, and he called it a dream box, which feels about right.

Happy Spring! or Happy Fall in the southern hemisphere!

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