Half past April

We are certainly lurching into springtime here in New England – over the weekend the temperatures swung 10 degrees up on one day and 15 degrees down the next day, as a series of weather fronts passed over us. I volunteered at the first (theoretically annual) Smith Mini Maker Fair, and got a chance to talk to people who made everything from soap and shoes to laser cut imagery and enormous Muppety puppets. It was a fine way to spend a Saturday.

The kitchen project is resting while the counters get made – I am hoping for installation sometime soon, but the kitchen is usable right now. Just don’t lean on the counter tops yet! They’re wobbly and only set in place.

I’ve started thinking about things to go into the little boxes I’ve made so far. Populating them is a great deal of fun, and hearkens back to my favorite parts of working in a museum.


Means of support

While April 1st seems like an inauspicious day to begin a new venture, I have done exactly that and started a Patreon. For those new to the concept, it is a modern, distributed, digital way to develop my own  deMedicis – only instead of one family of insane and absurdly wealthy people to support my endeavors, I am counting on people who read this blog or otherwise like my work and want more of it to chip in a small amount of money every month.

Asking for money for work is hard and slightly embarrassing, but I need some additional support to continue to make the work that is important to me, and I hope, interesting to you.

So look at my Patreon page, and see if you might like a newsletter and access to monthly digital imagery you can use for wallpaper on your phone, for the low low price of a dollar ($1) per month. Or a monthly postcard, featuring new work and a message. Or even a tiny artwork every other month –