Busy like bees

At the end of June I sailed on Windjammer Angelique as naturalist. I had a great time – she is a lovely boat, the captain and crew are very good at what they do and made sure everyone felt welcome and useful. We had remarkably nice weather too, some spectacular sailing, and a lot of delicious food to support us.  Aside from one day of persistent rain, we sailed every day to someplace new and learned new things.


After I got home, Paintbox Theatre swung into the summer season. I made props and consulted on set issues for Tarzan, a Pirate show (essentially Pirates on Vacation, it was pretty amusing) and a heavily adapted rewritten version of Little Mermaid, with three witches, reading and writing underwater, and no kissing.

We finished the season with a cookout last night, and today I am addressing my list of things to do. Writing a blog post was high on the list, so here we are!

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