Merry and Bright

Or at least minimally soggy and depressed. We are having mad swings of weather, beyond what is usual for New England, and it is unsettling.

Tomorrow we gather with friends and candles at the UMass Sunwheel to light a single candle and curse the darkness. It is a completely made up ritual. Al delivers a homily on axial tilt and coming and going of the sun, we shout curses at the oncoming darkness, and light candles to hold it off. Eventually we finish (in the dark) and go out for Chinese food, and end the evening with a ceremonial burning of the things we want to get rid of from the past year (written on slips of paper or scraps of wood and tossed in the wood stove).

I’ve been working on a series of deeply experimental three dimensional works. I was inspired by some ceramic work I saw at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan in early October.

I have been referring to them as “weird brown things” or “weird brown triangles” to the amusement of friends of Facebook. The twisty ones are a second experiment, and the ones I am currently working on have more sides, and are in new colors, so none of the descriptors except weird continues to hold…

I’m taking some time off now, I’ll be back in the new year, with some new work. And new ideas for what to do.

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