So much for April

Welcome May, and a happy May Day to you! Did you dance the sun up?

Yesterday, on the very last day of April 2018, I mailed out the last of the decks of the Tarot of the North Atlantic. There were three domestic envelopes, and a solid dozen headed overseas, including two to Thailand (!?!) and some to each of Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

I was completely stunned by the response to this campaign. I honestly expected a maximum of twenty people to purchase decks of cards, and I assumed I would know them all. Instead I had more encouragement from more corners of the world than I could possibly have hoped for.

If you missed your chance at the Kickstarter campaign, I have additional sets for sale in my store at BigCartel. Check out Lee Thomson Art on BigCartel, and you should be able to find what you want.

What with family turmoil and illness, and fulfilling orders for cards, I feel like I could easily sleep for the first couple of days of May!

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